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Civil & Commercial Litigation

Legal disputes are often unavoidable. Whether you are starting or defending proceedings, accurate and timely advice is essential.

Lynn & Rowland have extensive experience in Civil and Commercial Litigation in Queensland and New South Wales and can advise you of your legal rights, the merits of your case, your prospects of success and importantly an estimation of your likely legal costs at various stages of the litigation.

We take a proactive approach to litigation, as we have found that defining the real issues at the earliest stage of the proceedings, enhances the prospect of a resolution by mutual agreement whether by mediation or a negotiated settlement between the parties.

Our aim is to bring about a “win-win” outcome for the parties involved. However, if resolution of your dispute is not possible we have the experience to enforce or defend your rights to the fullest extent in Court.

Lynn & Rowland provide legal services in the following areas:

If you have a problem but are not sure whether it falls into one of the above categories, we offer an initial no obligation 30 minute consultation without charge to discuss your rights and options.

Contact: Michael Lynn on (07) 5562 0444


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