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Commercial Leasing

When considering entering into a lease whether for an office, shop, factory, or any type of commercial premises, it is essential that legal advice be obtained before committing to onerous obligations which could last several years after the Lease ends.

Not all Commercial Leases are the same, and it is important that a Lease contain all of the terms and conditions necessary to protect your rights under the tenancy especially where a Lease contains Options to renew the term of the Lease.

Where the tenant is a Corporation, a personal guarantee by all directors will usually be required by the Lessor to guarantee that the Corporation will perform the Lease. Such a guarantee will enable a Lessor to pursue the guarantors personally should the Corporation breach the Lease, and it is important that the ramifications of directors guarantees are understood before a Lease is signed.

Signing a Lease without proper legal advice, can often have adverse legal and financial consequences which can occur during the term of the Lease and can continue long after the lease has ended.

Lynn & Rowland are experienced in all aspects of Leasing. We can assist you in formulating a leasing strategy and by negotiating the terms and conditions of the lease, assist you in achieving your leasing objectives.

Contact us for legal advice on your rights and obligations.

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