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Will and Estate Disputes

Will and Estate disputes arise because of the way the Executor or Administrator is administering the Estate. Often a Beneficiary feels that the Executor or Administrator is too slow or is not selling the estate assets for the correct value or is favoring himself or herself ahead of the beneficiaries.

In some cases, the Will of the deceased may not been signed properly or it has been signed or executed by the deceased at the time when there are doubts as to whether the deceased had the mental capacity to do so, or in other cases the deceased did not leave a Will. If you are an Executor of a Will or a Beneficiary and have concerns about the validity of a Will or a Beneficiary dissatisfied with the way the Estate is being administered, we can advise you on the most appropriate course of action to take, which can include making an Application to the Court seeking orders and/or directions for the proper administration of the deceased’s estate.

In extreme cases a Beneficiary may apply to the Court seeking orders that the Executor/Administrator be removed and another Executor/Administrator be appointed to carry out the duties properly.

We can also assist you with the application in relation to Probate in Queensland or New South Wales (see our Probates and Estates Section) and any other enquiries you have regarding your duties as an Executor or Administrator or your rights as a beneficiary.

We offer an initial no obligation 30 minute consultation without charge to discuss your rights and options.

Contact: Michael Lynn on (07) 5562 0444


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