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Family & De Facto Law

Marriage or DeFacto Relationship breakdown or separation, is an emotional and traumatic experience often leading to conflict and hostility.

At Lynn & Rowland we know that early and timely advice as to your rights and options is essential if you are to make informed decisions about your future, the division of assets and arrangements for children.

Sometimes the most stressful aspect of relationship breakdown is not knowing your legal rights or the options you have, often leading to hasty and unwise decisions resulting in a party not receiving his or her proper entitlement.

We endeavour to assist clients to finalise matters in dispute in an amicable, cost effective manner with minimal delay and stress to the parties through alternative dispute resolution prior to initiating court action, however, if a matter cannot be resolved, Lynn & Rowland have a proven ability and an excellent track record of achieving successful outcomes in the Courts.

Lynn & Rowland provide legal services in the following areas:

We offer an initial no obligation 30 minute consultation without charge to discuss your rights and options.

Contact: Dianne Rowland on (07) 5562-0444


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