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Probate & Estates

A Will is essential if you wish to ensure that your estate is dealt with according to your wishes, and your assets are distributed to your beneficiaries as you intended.

A properly drafted and executed Will also ensures that there is no doubt as to your intentions as to how and to
whom you wish to leave your estate. You should regularly update your Will to ensure that the whole of your estate is covered by your Will. A partial intestacy can result when assets are acquired without reflecting that acquisition in your Will.

You must appoint an executor in your Will to deal with your Estate after you die. Any individual whom you
choose to be your executor should be trustworthy and capable of carrying out the responsibilities of an

The executor named in the Will administers the estate and handles the disposal of the estate assets and debts. Prior to dealing with the assets and liabilities of the estate, the executor must obtain from the Supreme Court a Grant of Probate of the Will. Once a Grant is issued it is evidence that the person who made the Will has died, the Will is authentic and the executor has been properly appointed under the Will to administer the estate.

Probate may not be required if the value of the asset is relatively small (e.g. a small bank account), real
estate is to be transferred directly to a beneficiary named in the will or is held as joint tenants.

If a deceased person does not have a Will and the estate is dealt with under the rules of intestacy, Letters
of Administration are obtained instead of a Grant of Probate.

Lynn & Rowland have extensive experience in providing legal services in the following areas:-

There are numerous issues which can, and do arise from the areas mentioned above. Should you have any
questions concerning any Estate matter, we offer an initial no obligation 30 minute consultation without
charge to discuss your rights and options.       

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